Targeting a Single Web Part with CSS

Targeting a Single Web Part with CSS An important thing to note about using the CSS in general is that it saves a ton of time styling individual elements, and let you easily set a style for everything on the page.  Where this gets complicated is if you have multiple web parts on the page […]

Jazz up Web Parts with CSS Styling

Add Some Style to Web Parts Using Jquery and CSS, we can add some style to the web parts in SharePoint. Here’s how it will look: In the script below, we’ll target the icon <img> that SharePoint allows you to set via the Web Part properties (Advanced > Title Icon Image URL). We’re removing the […]

Hide Change the Look

Hide Change the Look You may not want your users to have easy access to change the look and feel of the SharePoint site they have access to.  You should always ensure that users have the exact permissions they need– and nothing more, but in any case you can hide the option to change the […]