SharePoint Sites & Sub Sites

SharePoint Sites A SharePoint site is a website Collection of Pages, Site Templates, Lists, & Libraries configured for the purpose of achieving an express goal.  That may be a little vague, but there’s not much else to them.  SharePoint follows a hierarchy of sorts that flows from the top-down.  Sites usually have sub sites as […]

Build a SharePoint Site

Build a SharePoint Site Programming, coding, geek-speak, jargon… that’s all it is.  I bet if I told you that you could build a website in five minutes you wouldn’t believe me.  From my perspective, as a member of an IT department, SharePoint is a godsend.  SharePoint let’s an employee do everything that a web developer […]

Build a Custom SharePoint List

Build a Custom SharePoint List We’ve covered a lot about SharePoint lists in this course.  You’ve learned that a SharePoint list is a collection of pieces of information– all of which have the same properties.  Let’s move on to what kind of lists SharePoint has built-in. Built-in lists Announcements Contacts Custom List Custom List in […]

SharePoint List and Library Views

SharePoint List and Library Views Now that we’ve covered the two most common SharePoint apps (Lists & Libraries) and we understand what they do and how they store and organize information into columns, the next thing to understand is how the information stored in the list or library is presented to users: views. SharePoint uses […]

SharePoint Versioning

SharePoint Versioning I once worked for a client that would save every document with a time and date stamp in a big folder.  They told me they did that to know what the latest, most up-to-date version of it was.  When we implemented SharePoint, he found versioning once of the most useful features available. It […]

SharePoint Document Libraries

SharePoint Document Libraries In SharePoint, a library is a list where each item in the list refers to a file stored in SharePoint. Remember I mentioned that most of the built-in apps in SharePoint are based on the concept of lists?  A library is a list that holds documents as well as columns of information. […]

SharePoint Lists

SharePoint Lists When was the last time you went to the grocery store?  For me it’s a weekly thing.  Anytime I go, I’ve got a shopping list.  It’ll usually look something like this: Item Name Description Price Coupon Bread Whole Wheat 3.99 No Milk 2% Half-Gallon 2.49 No Eggs Cage-free Organic 4.85 Yes Dog Food […]