What is SharePoint?

What is SharePoint? First introduced in 2001, SharePoint was created as a platform from Microsoft to host company data and present it in a way that would make it more accessible and effective to all users across an organization. It has historically been associated with Intranet sites, managing content and documents.  It has evolved over […]

SharePoint Site Collections

SharePoint Site Collections Site collections in SharePoint are something that can be a point of contention between SharePoint afficianados. Site collections are basically a big basket that contain all sites under a single URL. One point to make that is pretty key here is that in on-premises versions of SharePoint, site collections have their own […]

What is SharePoint Designer?

What is SharePoint Designer? One of the best tools to work in and around all versions of SharePoint is called “SharePoint Designer.”  It’s a program with a ton of features and functions that allows users to edit, modify, and build different components within SharePoint. Here’s a list of common tasks done with SharePoint Designer: Create […]

The Layout of SharePoint 2013

The Layout of SharePoint in Office365 For a first-time user, it is overwhelming.  You’re bombarded with links, pictures, icons that scream “Look at me, look at me!” and it seems that there are a thousand things going on.  Don’t let it phase you!  Lets break it down right now. Starting at the top you’ll see […]

Responsive Resizing of Promoted Links

Responsive Promoted Links App Part So, previously I wrote about changing the look and feel of the SharePoint Promoted Links app.  If you have modified your promoted links as listed in this article, you’ll see something like this: Maximized window view: The problem is that if you resize the window, your tiles get cut off– […]

Hide the Ellipses on an App Part

Hide the Ellipses on an App Part The ellipses are cool.  If you click them you get a nice little menu with actions you can take on the item or file in the same row.  sometimes, you just want to show the content, so you may want to hide them. Want to hide them? Drop […]

Hide App Part Header Row

Hide the Header Row of an App Part Here’s a standard Announcement App Part   The header row contains the column headers in the view.  In some cases, you may want to hide this. Want to hide it? Drop this code in:

Some Helpful Tips for Using CSS in SharePoint

Helpful Tips for CSS in SharePoint Below are a list of tips or tricks you can use to make your job of styling a bit easier. Utilize the developer tools. If you haven’t already discovered the IE developer tools, you will want to make yourself familiar with it.  Like the name suggests, the toolbar is […]