SharePoint Document Libraries

In SharePoint, a library is a list where each item in the list refers to a file stored in SharePoint. Remember I mentioned that most of the built-in apps in SharePoint are based on the concept of lists?  A library is a list that holds documents as well as columns of information.

Check-in, Check-out—No late fees!
One of SharePoint’s biggest features is file-sharing and collaboration.  Users can work a single document in a library at the same time and SharePoint will keep the file updated as the users input information.  But there could be some situations where a user may need the file to be “off-limits” to others until they have finished working with the document.  SharePoint allows documents in libraries to be checked out to users, and keeps those files locked for editing until they’re checked back in.

Forms, Images, and Documents—Oh my!
Document libraries are the most-commonly used App, but there are other libraries to be mentioned.  Here’s a listing of some other types of libraries:

  • InfoPath Form Library
    Users can build a form with Microsoft InfoPath and then publish the form to a form library.  Other users can fill out the form and a copy will be saved into the form library.
  • Picture Library
    This is similar to a photo album, you can add columns to store more information on the images.
  • Media Library
    These libraries let you save audio and video files in SharePoint.
  • Site Pages
    A library specifically for storing pages from the website.  Created with every site/sub site
  • Site Assets
    This library is created along with the site pages library, and stores images and media that are referenced in the page.

Libraries are simply another kind of list within SharePoint.  I’ll give some examples and explain further in the video for this lesson.

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