What is SharePoint Designer?

One of the best tools to work in and around all versions of SharePoint is called “SharePoint Designer.”  It’s a program with a ton of features and functions that allows users to edit, modify, and build different components within SharePoint.

Here’s a list of common tasks done with SharePoint Designer:

  • Create sites & subsites
  • Create a list or library
  • Modify the site layouts with custom coding
  • Create workflows for sites, lists, and libraries

Most of the things list above can be done using a web browser as well. Throughout this course, with the exception of workflows, we will be using the browser to perform those tasks and not SharePoint Designer.


This sounds complicated…
It doesn’t have to be!  No matter what you’re doing within SharePoint there will usually be more than one way to accomplish it.  The SharePoint platform has a lot of features and functions built-in.  Most users will be able to work using that out-of-the-box functionality.  What using the designer allows you to do is customize your site, list, library, or workflow’s function in a way that is tailored to the work process you’re using.

Do we really have to use it?
The only reason you’ll ever have to use it would be building a custom workflow—which this course will explain and demonstrate later on.  If you don’t see the need to build a custom workflow, then the answer is no, you don’t have to use it (but it doesn’t hurt to know what it is and can do.)

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